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How Do You Know If It’s Time To Apply For Disability?

How should you know whether or not you should apply for Social Security Disability?

Today we will talk about three different circumstances which should be strong indicators that perhaps Social Security Disability is the right choice for you.

1). If you recently lost your job due to your medical condition, you should strongly consider applying for social security disability, especially if you’re worried about being able to perform a job in the future, even if you were to get when again due to your medical diagnosis. Or if your medical condition was a lingering problem and your job before you lost it, you should strongly consider applying.

2). Secondly, if you have a medical condition that’s going to cause you to be off task from work frequently, either due to pain or due to physical manifestations of your condition like having to go to the bathroom frequently, or due to mental type problems seeing distracted from hearing voices or not being able to concentrate or focus due to intrusive thoughts, that sort of thing. You’re gonna be off task due to work due to your conditions may be applying for social security disability is right for you.

3). The third way that you should perhaps consider applying for social security disability is if you’re going to miss work frequently due to your medical condition. Let’s say you have random flares of your condition that don’t know when they’re going to happen. But you know, you’re not going to be able to go to work if that happens to you if you’re going to have numerous doctor’s appointments. So as you’re not going to have a regular work schedule, or if you have regular ER visits that would interrupt your ability to go to work on a consistent schedule, then you should strongly consider applying for Social Security Disability.

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