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What are the 3 Strongest Types of Medical Conditions for Social Security Disability?

What are the three strongest types of medical conditions you can have for your Social Security Disability case?

In my opinion, first, anything dealing with the spine. If you’ve had like a spinal surgery, I always consider that to be very strong basis for a Social Security Disability case, especially if your spinal surgery has failed or hasn’t really addressed your symptoms or major symptoms worse, I think that’s one of the most severe type of problems a person can have. And they always make for strong Social Security Disability case. I can’t say that every spinal surgery cases going to get granted. But I’ve noticed that they get granted with an overwhelming frequency.

The second type of case that I want to talk about is schizophrenia. People that are schizophrenics, it’s just an incredibly difficult medical condition to have to deal with, I noticed that they also get granted with an overwhelming frequency. If you go in front of a judge with a very low grant rate. Sometimes they don’t have compassion for what people with schizophrenia are going through. But I’ve noticed that if a schizophrenic is regularly taking their medication, and still dealing with the mental manifestations of their symptoms, their cases very frequently get granted.

The third type of case that I want to talk about is people dealing with knee problems or dialysis. So if you’re undergoing dialysis, generally speaking, you’re automatically qualified for the medical requirements of social security disability through the Social Security Disability listings. Now, very few disability listings are as clear cut as needing dialysis, cochlear implants are very clear, if you’ve got a cochlear implant you’re considered to be automatically disabled from like one year after you get the implant. Dialysis is the same way if you’re undergoing dialysis, you automatically meet the medical requirements for disability and so, you know, I’m always happy when I get one of those claims.


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